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Tech Tool / Oct. 2018

Tech Tool of the Month

As a Business Owner, you know the level of productivity that you should be able to realize from each member of your team. At some point in the life cycle of your business, you probably have served in every role, so you know each role's achievable performance level .

Each month, we will identify a specific information technology - that most businesses have implemented as part of their Information Technology Strategy - that are excellent candidates for the deployment of a Technology Tool.

These Tech Tools have proven themselves to be either; productivity multipliers, cost savers, or a combination of both.

In either case, the Tech Tools we profile will always result in the realization of Higher NET Profits for the firms that implement them.

This Month's Tech Tool is Office 365

Now, as a Business Owner, you are probably thinking, "I already have the Microsoft Office Suite that my team is using right now and it works great. My team is highly productive and I don't want to change the version of Microsoft Office that I am using because I just don't see any benefit from a newer version of Microsoft Office."

My team would agree with the above statement 100% - IF your team has reached the maximum level of productivity achievable with your current version of the Microsoft Office suite. Remember, EVERY Single recommendation that the Diversicom team makes to each of our clients must FIRST pass through the "Profit Filter" - i.e. the solution must provide measurable client profit.

Email Spam

By Far, the Undisputed #1 Killer of Business Productivity in today's business enterprises is Email SPAM. There have been reams of articles and productivity studies written on this Time Robbing Thief. Even without these articles, every successful business owner intuitively knows the massive disruption of workflow that SPAM causes on a daily basis. Surprisingly though, most business owners have never really calculated this cost. Let's do that now. First, we need to know the "Costs" of your employee's time to your business. Finding that cost is straight-forward. The following example is for an average employee annual Salary of $45k Plus a Standard Loaded Labor Costs of 15% Divided by the number of average compensation hours per year:

$51,750 / 2080 = $ 24.88 (Employee Cost Per Hour)

Since EMAIL SPAM simultaneously & indiscriminately affects all employees on your team, we can multiply $24.88 times the number of employees in your firm that use email. Let's assume you have ten (10) employees which now equals an average hourly Cost - of all employees - at $248.80 per hour or $4.15 per minute.

Let's make the following assumptions:

• For employees that currently DO NOT use Office365 (which includes Outlook365), Research has clearly shown that employees spend - On Average - at least 26 Minutes Per Day - reading and deleting SPAM

• For a 10-Employee Company, that equals a direct cost to the firm of $4.15 x 26 = $107.90 Per Day

• For the same 10-Employee Company - that is equal to $2,158.00 Per Month in Real Costs to your business...

• We have documented proof that Outlook365 (Part of the Office365 Suite) WILL reduce SPAM by an average of 75% with some clients seeing almost a 90%reduction in SPAM

This is real cost savings!

Even with the monthly subscription costs (Average of $120 / month for 10 Employees), using Office365 to replace your in-house Exchange mail server can reap savings of between $1,498 - $1,822 per month in WASTED TIME your team is spending dealing with EMAIL SPAM. You can convert that time to revenue generating efforts. We have seen the implementation of these types of tools transform business operations for our clients, and we look forward to profiling additional tech tools and their impact to business profitability in the coming months.

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